The Racetrack

The Racetrack at Utah Motorsports Campus

The Track at Utah Motorsports Campus

Our world-class track is a 4.5-mile, 40-50-foot-wide, 23-turn circuit – the longest in North America. It has four different configurations, ranging from two different 2.2-mile circuits to the 3.08-mile Perimeter Course and the 4.5-mile Full Course. This course has challenged the best drivers in the American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am Road Racing, and NASCAR.

Track Fast Facts

  • It's the Longest track in North America
  • Track is a 4.5-mile, 40-50-foot-wide, 23-turn circuit
  • Track is home to multiple, major race series featuring the world's best drivers

The track has four different configurations:

  • Two different 2.2-mile circuits
  • 3.08-mile Perimeter Course
  • 4.5-mile Full Course

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